Guns don’t kill people, living in south Stockton kills people

so well said, that i don’t have anything else to add!

Reclaiming the Title

As we mentioned earlier, Mike Fitzgerald took it upon himself to try and defend Stockton police in the shooting death of Melecio Arquines. You know, the guy who was shot by police in his south Stockton home while trying to protect his house from a perceived threat. Yeah, this should be good. Let’s FJM this bitch.

“…it is possible to credit Stockton police for immediately releasing Hernandez’s name. Some past regimes circled the wagons and treated public scrutiny as hostile.”

Credit Stockton police for what? Only partially stonewalling the media as opposed to completely doing so? Pete Smith can’t tell us if Hernandez even identified himself as an officer, let alone whether or not he ordered him to drop his weapon. We don’t know that bare bones, basic information, but we know his name! SPD is like an open book!

“It is also possible to credit the victim’s brother, Reginael…

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