Man Down: D. C. Metro Police Attack Wheelchair-Bound Man


A video depicting two Washington, D. C. Metro police officers throwing a man in a wheelchair to the ground has gone viral. Once the man is on the ground, the officers handcuff him and stand over him as he bleeds. When the people passing by, some of whom recognize the man, angrily question the officers about what is happening, the officers ultimately dismiss them for “getting loud.”

According to a Washington Post article, the victim was a homeless man who the Metro police officers saw drinking an alcoholic beverage. The article goes on to say that the man “refused to comply” with the officers’ attempt to issue him a citation and that he ultimately “resisted arrest.”

Obviously, I have way too much bias as it relates to this story. I’m physically challenged, and I attend college in D. C. So, please excuse me while I go off…

On the Washington…

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