It’s Time for Black Liberation, Not Liberalism

i listened to my computer read it to me . i was pleasantly (and only mildly) surprised at the penultimate paragraph, as it is exactly what i just said to another person last week . i talked with him about me being unwilling to work within hierarchical structure, and i literally used the word wildfire quite a few times in describing how the movement needs to grow

hierarchical patterns only replicate the problems we already experience . linear thought and growth leaves out most of the world



As people begin to ask themselves how we can make this movement sustainable we must take into account the various layers of our struggle. We must make sure that we are working towards more than just momentary change, but for true liberation of all black people. The usual route of playing the game of respectable politics needs to stop.  Organizations and community leaders are beginning to take it upon themselves to speak for the movement.  With their list of demands, their lectures on the proper way to protest and the condemnations they give of all uncontrolled actions that have been taking place. Their solutions are focused on policy change that is dependent on institutional will. It is important that as black people we make sure that our political tactics are not being dominated by white supremacy.

As we all know, no justice was found for the Brown family or…

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