Cops put a hood over woman’s head and bind her ankles and wrists. Two more shine flashlights in cop watcher’s camera to obstruct recording.

mission copwatch

A copwatcher shared this report with us back in November. Apologies for the delay, and we’re still working on getting the footage…

this happened around 2am this morning on Folsom between 20 and 21st in the street.  I am looking into how to file a complaint with the OCC.  it looks like going in is the way to go.

woman was screaming outside for too long.  jumped out of bed to make sure they were ok.  didn’t even put on shoes.  stepped outside and just went in my pjs down the block toward the screams.  saw squad cars.  darted down the street directly to them.  two men walking by mocking the woman’s screams.  not even showing concern (what is wrong with people?)  scared faces of my neighbors in doorways.  saw the small bodied person with a bag on her head being held down to the hood of a cop car by…

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