Suicide and Me

Morelemonsplease's Blog

This is not an easy subject, nor an easy read. My hope is that one person finds a little more courage from my sharing.

The first time I ever came across someone that was suicidal was at the job. Her name was Toni. She was a violent, racist, hateful woman. She was well known for spewing racial epithets to other inmates and to the officers. One day, an inmate approached me and said, “Ms. Peak, Toni’s on her bed trying to kill herself”. I calmly went to the bed area and saw Toni, sitting on her bed with a twisted soda can made into points. She was scraping the side of her neck, drawing blood . She seems in a trance as tears rolled down her face. I tried talking to her asking her to put down the jagged can . Being up close, I could see signs of other…

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