Demand Accountability from Martin Eder of Activist San Diego Making a False Report of a Burglary Because #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter

United Against Police Terror - San Diego

As United Against Police Terror SD, we have a commitment of not only calling out the Police, but remaining consistent in our work towards accountability and justice in our own community from police misconduct. What was expressed in demanding independent review of police misconduct, very much echoes our demand to Activist San Diego and KNSJ which are also a part of the Black and Brown Lives Matter Coalition; Transparency, Consistency and Building Community Trust because #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter.

Transparency for we are coming forward with documentation supporting our demand for the protection of our community members,consistency for every social justice activists who claims to fight against police terror, must hold themselves accountable to the community, and our demand is for Activist San Diego to accept this public call out and take the necessary steps in regaining community trust back. 

The following video is an incident on May 18th at 4246 Wightman Street documenting a police call…

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